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The Trade Show Guru welcomes all comments, and comments that are accepted will be “do follow”. But whether your comment will be accepted depends on whether you follow the Trade Show Guru’s 10 Rules for Enlightened Comments below.

1. Comments must be SPECIFIC, RELEVANT, and ADD VALUE to the post. If I don’t think my other readers would get anything from reading your comment, it probably won’t be accepted.

2. Comments that don’t meet Rule #1 may be accepted if they are witty or funny (to me, not just to you).

3. Comments should be more than 10 words. The following are examples of what not to write:
“I agree.”
“Nice Post.”
“I couldn’t agree more.”
“Yeh, happened to me too.”
“Wow, this is great.”
“Good stuff.”
“Thanks for this information.”
Any other non-specific, generic comment that could be applied to almost any post.

4. If you want to use your keywords instead of your name, that’s cool. However, you MUST then include your real name at the end of your comment. If you want to include your keywords after of your name, that’s cool. You MUST put your real name first, and then you can put “@” or “|” and then your keywords. An example would be “Tom @ Custom Beer Coozies” or “Tom | Custom Beer Coozies”. If you only put your keywords, your comment won’t be accepted, or if it is, your keywords won’t be linked to your url. The bottom line is, if I reply to your comment, I want to call you “Tom”, not “Custom Beer Coozies”. [note: Friends of the Guru can call themselves whatever they what, all others must follow the rules!]

5. If your keywords are something I like, find interesting, and/or would recommend to my friends, your keywords will probably be accepted. i.e. “beer making equipment”, “paintball guns”, “custom beer coozies”, or “funny jokes”.

6. If your keywords are something I don’t agree with, don’t condone, or wouldn’t recommend or write about on this blog, your keywords probably won’t be accepted. i.e. “eliminate crotch odor”, “instant payday loans”,  or “online casino”.

7. I will click through on all links before approving them. If your website or blog is not one that I would be willing to go to or read, it won’t be accepted.

8. If you can’t think of a comment that satisfies Rule #1 or Rule #2, you might try flattery. As an example:
“Wow. Trade Show Guru is probably the best blog ever! And I bet the author is really smart and handsome. This post is nothing short of sheer genius. It has changed my life. I bow to you, oh great Trade Show Guru!”

9. If you can’t think of a comment that satisfies Rule #1 or Rule #2, but you can figure out a way to send me a six pack of my favorite beer, your comment will probably be accepted.

10. First time comments are moderated. This means they will not show up until they have been reviewed and approved.