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Carrot Love | Carrot Art

July 17th, 2009 · 10 Comments · Random Stuff

carrot love artMy wife and son planted some carrots this year. Three of the carrots decided to grow together and create carrot art. I call the “art sculpture” these three carrots created Carrot Love. I’ve never seen anything like it. Have you? FYI: The picture (you can click to enlarge) has three views of the same three intertwined carrots. I know my carrot art may not be the face of Christ on a burnt piece of toast, and I’m not planning to sell the carrots on eBay and make a fortune (I think the carrots have already been eaten)… but I still think my “carrot artwork” is pretty cool. Kind of like the picture I took of balanced rocks.

Anyway, the carrots grew in a large pot in the backyard. We garden in pots and wine barrels as well as the ground because of our gopher problem. I am currently at war with the gophers. I think the gophers have allied themselves with the moles. My gopher traps are catching a lot of dirt. I read Will’s post on trapping gophers, but I’m still catching dirt. However, I did notice something very cool on Will’s post, almost as cool as my Carrot Love art. A comment. A very good comment. The kind of comment that bloggers want. A comment that adds value. The comment was left by GrowMap (aka Internet Strategist). Check out her comment. You should also check out her blog. She recently got a new logo, and wrote a great post about logo design and what makes a logo memorable. It’s one of those posts that makes you wonder, how does a blogger cram this much good content into a single post? If you’re wondering about what makes for a good logo, read her post. And if you want to see what a good comment looks like, read her comment on Will’s post on trapping gophers. Or read some of the comments my readers left on my post about blogging regularity. They are excellent comments as well.

Back to my gopher war for a minute… my neighbor is fighting the same war, with the same results as me (not good). He was telling me that his son-in-law gets gophers with propane. He has a home-built hose contraption hooked up to a bbq propane tank. He sticks the end of the hose into a gopher hole and gasses away. But its not the propane gas that gets the gopher. He then pulls the hose out, and with a long stick with an ignition device on the end, he lights the gas. BOOM. The ground shakes… and the gopher is no more. Supposedly the concussion gets the gopher. What do you think? Have you ever heard of hunting gophers with expoding propane? Would you try it? Just for the record, I’d love to have a truce with our gophers. I’d gladly give them a section of lawn, but not the whole bloody thing. And it’s really when they suck down plants in the garden and threaten to take out the entire thing that I say I just can’t live and let live. I need my fresh, home-grown vegetables…

Feel free to let me know what you think of my Carrot Love carrot art. Or let me know what you think about hunting gophers with propane. Or you can just spam my blog. But if you do decide to spam my blog, read the post and follow my rules. So far only three people have actually followed the rules (I think). I’ve let a few of my regular commenters slide. As to the contest, GrowMap (above) is in the lead. Mitch (who doesn’t actually like gladiators) and oxycontin-loving-JD are tied for second. I’ll say it one more time. Follow the rules. It surprises me how many people don’t read the whole post. I guess they’re too busy leaving comments.

As for me, I have gopher mounds to clean up, and gopher traps to set. I’ve got to protect my carrots. Maybe my carrots will create some more carrot art.

~ veni vidi vici ~


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