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King of the Rednecks

October 29th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Friends of the Trade Show Guru

Welcome to the second installment of my “Friends of the Trade Show Guru” series. In this post I’d like to introduce Tim Elb, whom the Guru doth hereby dub “King Of The Rednecks“. Tim and his buddy Ernie run the Redneck Bar And Grill up there in the Great Frozen North (Canada). If you’re ever in their neighborhood (Horseguard Valley), you’ll want to be sure to stop by the bar and enjoy an ice cold Blue Beaver beer. I believe the Redneck Bar and Grill may be just about the only place in the world that you can enjoy amazing Blue Beaver beer – I know I’ve never seen it in the stores around here. If you can’t get by their bar, you can still enjoy reading their blog.

The Redneck Bar And Grill blog is one of the funniest blogs I’ve come across. Most of the posts these days seem to be written by Tim, which is why I’ve dubbed him the King (that does not mean that Ernie is the Queen). Like RT Cunningham (the Master of the Philippines and a fellow Friend of the Trade Show Guru), Tim served his country in the Canadian Army Reserves, which I honor and salute. He has strange taste in food, which I just don’t understand. But his strength to my mind, besides just seeming to be a level headed, great guy, is his sense of wit and humor. As I said, the Redneck Bar And Grill is one of the funniest blogs I have come across. As an example, check out his post on “Sexy New Hybrid Cars“. I also like that Tim takes the time to respond to all commentors, and injects his sense of humor into his replies. Here’s a recent example from his post about Redneck Camping:
Comment: “Camping ain’t camping unless you’re roughing it. That’s why I don’t do it.”
Tim’s reply:  “I know what you mean. We don’t do ‘real’ camping, but no one does. Unless you know someone that hikes in 10 miles with nothing but an axe, a knife, and 2 onions, then kills some wildlife with his bare hands, builds a shelter out of tree branches and makes his own sleeping bag out of freshly skinned animal outsides, and has the animal insides for supper roasted over a fire he made by rubbing two pieces of wood together using his shoelaces to make a bow. Nope, people just ain’t as tuff as they used ta be…”

If you’re looking for an entertaining and witty blog to follow, be sure to check out Tim and Ernie’s Redneck Bar And Grill.


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